Front bumber mounting kit Dodge Ram 94-02, for 4 gen 2500 bumper , complete

High quality and low total cost mounting kit for fitting the 4gen 2500 front bumper to 2gen body. Includes all the needed parts for conversion (except bumper). Unlike in most other competitors products, you don't need any other brackets, because this product is mounted directly to bumper.

When 4gen bumper is mounted to the 2gen body, there's a wide gap between bumper and the body. This kit includes coverplate to cover that gap so the result of the conversion looks stylish. Cover plate is mounted to bumper brackets.

Mounting brackets has "double bolt pattern" on the frame side, so brackets fits both older (94-95) and newer (96-02) bodies. Brackets are also adjustable on frame side as well in bumper side, so it's possible to adjust bumper to correct position.

In addition brackets has towingrings and oval holes for easier lightbar mountings. Brackets also has holes for light bar cable routing and cutouts for cable ties to hold cable on it's place. We also have kit with lightbar and separate brackets for lightbar.

Mounting brackets are manufactured of 4mm S650 high strength steel, so the brackets are light and strong. Brackets are painted black with durable paint. Coverplate is made of aluminium and it has not been coated (so that it's possible to paint it to same color with the bumper).

This kit includes also all hardware needed to mount these.

Kit is designed and manufactured in Finland.

If this kit happens to be out of stock, will delivery time be about  one month.

194.00 €