Cool TIKI-theme necklace made of stainless steel. Pendant is our own design and is manufactured in Finland. Chain is 4,5 mm armor chain and is delivered 50 cm long as default, but is possible to order also longer or shorter. Stainless steel is considered as totally allergy free metal which also remains good looking in use and doesn't darken like for example silver. Necklace is delivered in a box which is manufactured of over 50% recycled plastic and is possible to recycle again. Product is normally in stock, so we try to send it the next day after receiving the payment. If you wish to receive shorter or longer chain, type chain length in the cart in section "additional information" in the checkout. For the longer chain extra costs will be 1€/10 cm which will be added in to the bill (not visible in the cart).

53.00 €

Tiki-tea light candle cup

Cool Tiki-theme tea light candle cup with wall mounting possibility. Manufactured of stainless steel, surface brushed. Cutouts on the sides creates beatiful light pattern also to the background. Product is designed and manufactured in Finland. This is our stock product so normally delivery time is few days.

82.00 €

Lightbar endbrackets

Stainless steel endbrackets for lightbar. Suitable for example to mount typical curved lightbars to our Dodge Ram 4 gen bumper mounting kit . Normally we have this in stock so delivery time is few days. Price is for pair. Designed and manufactured in Finland.

15.00 €

Front bumper mounting kit with lightbar Dodge Ram 94-02, for 4gen 2500 bumper , complete

High quality mounting kit for fitting the 4gen 2500 front bumper to 2gen body including also comparatible high quality lightbar with mounting brackets in low-cost package price . Includes all the needed parts for conversion ( except bumper ). Unlike in most other competitors products, you don't need any other brackets, because this product is mounted directly to bumper. When 4gen bumper is mounted to the 2gen body, there's a wide gap between bumper and the body. This kit includes coverplate to cover that gap so the result of the conversion looks stylish. Cover plate is mounted to bumper brackets. Mounting brackets has "double bolt pattern" on the frame side, so brackets fits both older (94-95) and newer (96-02) bodies. Brackets are also adjustable on frame side as well in bumper side, so it's possible to adjust bumper to correct position. In addition brackets has towingrings and oval holes for easier lightbar mountings. Brackets also has holes for light bar cable routing and cutouts for cable ties to hold cable on it's place. Mounting brackets are manufactured of 4mm S650 high strength steel , so the brackets are light and strong. Brackets are painted black with durable paint. Coverplate is made of aluminium and it has not been coated ( so that it's possible to paint it to same color with the bumper ). Besides the bumper mounting brackets, coverplate, lightbar and it's mounting brackets this kit includes also all hardware needed to mount these. Lightbar in this kit is high quality Optibeam Pioneer 1100 which has excellent luminous power. It's built of high quality components and approved for road use in EU. We chose lightbar for this kit which "we would buy for ourselves" also. In this auxiliary LED lightbar are all the most important chosing criterias combined: Excellent luminous power, great beam pattern, high quality and good price-quality ratio. For us it is important, that all our products are high quality and durable. So we will give 24 month quarantee to this lightbar. There are lots of auxiliary lights on the markets which are advertised by high theoretical powers and luminous powers. Although in reality all that really matters is the actual luminous power and especially the beam pattern. Even high luminous power is not much of the use in auxiliary light if it is only a bright spot right in front of the vehicle and in top of the trees. As well light with indefinite beam pattern is practically not usable in snowy or foggy weather, because of the high reverse reflection. Cheap price in auxiliary light made of poor quality components may fire back soon in the form of darkened and dimmed leds. Technical specifications for the lightbar: Reference number: 50 Operating voltage: 9-36V Nominal power: 220W (22x10W LED) Nominal luminous flux: 20 900 lm Colour temperature: 6500K Parking light function Dimensions: L1099 x H56 x W73 mm 2-pin DTP connector (counter socket also included) Durable aluminium housing Impact-resistant Lexan ™ polycarbonate lens Includes both end brackets and slidable bottom brackets Breather valve ECE R112 and R10 approvals Approved for road use in EU (check your local regulations) Warranty: 24 months IP68 This kit is designed and manufactured in Finland (except the lightbar). We keep this product in stock, but if it happens to be out of the stock, will delivery time be normally about one month.

447.00 €