Millhill Performance is specialized in product designing and manufacturing and selling performance-/customparts for vehicles. Product range includes also designing and manufacturing other metal products and special parts and hand engraved memorial plaques for pets.

As well as our own production, every other products for sale on our website fullfills our strict requirements for high quality, performance and durability. Most of our products are manufactured in Finland besides our own shop by local experts. We resist throwaway culture and cheap production - our goal is, that our products perform first-class in their job still after years.

The company produces and manufactures products also for customers specific needs. We are using versatile 3D-CAD-program in designing, which makes process effective and propable problems can be spotted and fixed already on the computer screen. Modern machines and machining methods enables manufacturing even very unique and accurate parts in decent time and costs.

Foundation of the year 2020 founded company is strong experience in building and designing motorvehicles both professionally and by enthusiasism as well in several years working experience in industrial maintenance and metal industry. Founder of the company has degree in mechanical engineering and production technology and has been working latest years full-time as an mechanical designer.

Millhill Performance manufactures and sells only products and services which they can be proud of. Despite that, prizes are reasonable - one of the main goals is that products and services has to be within reach for as many as possible  individuals and companies.

Welcome to visit in our webshop and don't hesitate to contact with email if you have needs for special parts or some of our other services.

Antti Myllymäki, founder of the company