Triggerwheel rim, with customers specifications

Triggerwheel rim with customers specifications. Number of the teeth and size by your choice. It's also possible to do balancing hole and lightening and bolt holes if needed.

Things to consider when planning triggerwheel:

- Type of the sensor, in other words size of the tooth that sensor "sees" it properly. Usually Hall-sensor needs bigger tooth than VR-sensor.

- Placing the sensor, does the sensor read tooths head or it's side. If the sensor reads tooths head, we recommend at least 8mm material thickness with Hall-sensor.

- Number of the cylinders in the engine. For example with Megasquirt tooth number has to be possible to divide with 1/2 of the cylinder count ( for example with V8 works with 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 etc.).

Rims are cutted with laser so the cutting quality is good and tolerances small. Even though we recommend turning the center hole to it's final dimension if the rim is centered with the help of it. As the same we recommend checking out the straightness in the lathe after mounting and if the sensor "reads" the teeths head, we recommed turning the rims outer circle strictly round.

Cutted rims prices start from 42€. The price depends on material thickness, cutouts and the rims diameter.

Contact by email and let's plan the triggerwheel specially for your project.

42.00 €