Traction bar-kit, USA pick-up truck, different models

Rear axle rotating and whopping in acceleration and/or in towing is very common problem in tuned or heavily loaded trucks. That causes for example loss in traction and quick wearing of U-joints.

Our traction bar-kit is great solution for this problem. It has for example following features:

  • Prevents axle from rotating

  • Allows suspension to move freely because of radial spherical plain bearings

  • Bar angle possible to adjust to achieve wanted behaviour (for example more traction to acceleration or to braking)

  • Very durable

  • Lightweight

  • Good shield against corrosion

  • Long lasting

  • Mounting made as easy as possible

Kit includes axle brackets (2 pcs), bars (2 pcs), frame brackets (2 pcs) and all the sleeves, bolts, washers and nuts needed. There's several models of brackets available - depending on model of the truck and height of the suspension. See the measurement picture to guide in choosing the correct brackets if the model of the truck is not mentioned in the list below. If choosing the correct brackets feels unclear or there isn't suitable brackets for your vehicle, contact us by email We are glad to help you and it can be possible to develop new bracket option or different length bars.

AXLE BRACKETS (choose the model by the diameter of axletube):

  • Manufactured of high-strength S650 steel.

  • Tig-welded

  • Easy mounting with screws, "toothed" design holds tightly on axle. For powerful trucks and to heavy use we recommend locking bracket to axle by welding.

  • Painted black with durable paint.


  • Manufactured of high-strength S650 steel.

  • Tig-welded

  • Mounting to frame with bolts and/ or by welding.

  • Painted black with durable paint.


  • Manufactured of high-strength S650 steel.

  • Tig-welded

  • Has to be cutted to right shape/height and mounted by welding.

  • Includes sheet metal-model to help define the correct shape and height.

  • Delivered without coating.


  • Eye to eye length 981mm.

  • Tube Ø48,3x4mm, S355/420-steel.

  • Tig-welded

  • High quality radial spherical plain bearings in both ends and greasenipples for them. These bearings are very long lasting when greased regularly, but if they need to be changed at some point, there's plenty of spare parts available as they are standard size.

  • Painted black with durable paint.

This kit is universal so it's possible that some minor modifications are needed in some cases.

We try to keep this product in stock, but if it happens to be sold out, is delivery time approximately 5 weeks.

This product is designed and manufactured in Finland.

OBSERVE! When placing the order, write the brackets you want to the "additional information" in check out-phase.

CHOOSING THE BRACKETS BY THE MODEL OF THE TRUCK (recommended to check dimensions)

Dodge Ram 2500 94-02 4x4 (DANA 70 rear-axle)

  • Standard height suspension: Axlebrackets 3,5", frame brackets low

  • Lifted suspension: Axle brackets 3,5", frame brackets high

Dodge Ram 2500 03-09 4x4 (4" axletube)

  • Axlebrackets 4", framebrackets high

519.00 €