Advertising signs

Stylish and durable advertising sign for outdoor use with customers logo and text.

Signs are manufactured with possibility to mount LED-strip and accessories (not included). Sign is possible to manufacture also without possibility for lights, in most simple form as only a plain stainless steel sheet where is cutted customers logo and text.

Frame of the sign is manufactured of 1,5mm brushed stainless steel. Models with lights has acrylic glass mounted inside behind the cutting and stainless steel sheet mounted on the rearside as a reflector and backsheet. Backsheet is delivered loose and it's mounted with POP-rivets (included) unlike in example pictures. Sign is mounted "invisibly" by screwing screws to wall on right place and lifting sign on it's place. Sign is splashwatertight and has moisture removing holes.

Prices starting 70€ (without lights) and 120€ (lighted models). Delivery time approximately one month.

Contact with email and let's design stylish sign for your company/union/society or even to your garage!

70.00 €