From us you will get professional and effective mechanical designing all the way from the simple parts to the complex assemblies. For assemblies we will make also clear assembly instructions if necessary. We offer our services for private person as well for companies and industry.

CAD-program that we have in use is versatile Solid Edge from Siemens. We will normally deliver drawings for customers in pdf- and dwg-format and if necessary 3D-models for example in STEP-form or 3D-printable parts in STL-format. We can make drawings in finnish, swedish or english language.


Do you have for example project to which you need lasercutted/bended/milled parts, but you need CAD-drawings to have them ordered?

Or are you going to build for example a loudspeaker box or a cage for a dog?

From Millhill Performance you can get all drawings needed with your own dimensions and preferences. With clear drawings the manufacturing goes fast and propable problems are already solved on the computer screen. Carefully planed is half done, as the saying goes.

We are also able to manufacture many kinds of metal products with the quality and price, that it is not reasonable to manufacture them with "handtools" by yourself.

Pricing is by the case, take contact with email to  and ask for an offer.


We also offer designing from the very beginning so that you doesn't have to have yet an idea what desired part or assembly will look like.

It's possible for us to design both simple parts and more complex assemblies as well. We use 3D-CAD program in designing and with that and years of experience helps us to deliver carefully planned part/assembly of parts which is cost effective to manufacture and suites to it's purpose. Most of the products manufacturing costs are decided in the planning phase, so it is really worth to invest in good planning.

Pricing is by the case, take contact with email to and ask for an offer.